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    Fun, Frolic & Elegance
    clothing for infants, girls and boys

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    Our Environmental Commitment

    Our business operations rely on our planet’s natural resources. We believe that our success should not come at the expense of the environment, so we strive to operate in a way that is mindful of long-term environmental sustainability.

    Whether we're saving costs by reducing energy consumption or creating covetable products through innovative, sustainable design, we believe that reducing our impact on the environment can also result in positive business benefits.

    Through a careful analysis conducted with environmental consultants and our materiality analysis, we examined the environmental challenges that our company faces and analyzed the potential impact to our business.

    We considered the areas over which we have the most control and influence, and assessed the level of societal concern for each. Our environmental strategy is focused on three key areas where we believe our work can have the greatest positive impact: energy conservation, cotton/sustainable design, and output/waste reduction (ECO).

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